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1. Ship Broking and Project Sales
establishes contacts between ship owners and shipyards for new building contracts. We are involved in connecting partners, calculating prices, negotiate contracts and in following up the projects up to delivery.
2. Inspection Services
has inspectors working in shipbuilding projects in Ukraine . The following type of inspection may be offered:
  • Inspection of all disciplines for new buildings worldwide
  • Site Management
  • Other Inspection Services
We have skilled inspectors who speak both English and Russian.
3. Consulting
POSS Ltd. provides consulting to the maritime industry including shipyard development planning.
  • Reporting market potentials for companies planning to establish business within shipbuilding in Ukraine and Russia
  • Advisory Services in connection with Acquisition Projects
  • Assistance in various shipyard development projects worldwide
4. Technical Services

For Clients producing in Ukraine we provide the following services:

  • Contract Management
  • Receiving and working out technical information from Customer
  • Handing over technical information to Performer
  • Rendering translation services during meetings
  • Rendering logistic services during delivery of materials and ready products
  • Working with custom brokers and custom authorities during custom clearance of cargo and customizing of ready products
  • Working out questions from Performer's Engineers and if necessary transfer these questions to Customer
  • Control Quality of ready goods
5. Agent

POSS Ltd. provides agent services for Ukrainian companies doing business outside Ukraine.

6. Trading
Various trading between Ukrainian companies and customers worldwide including custom clearance and transport solutions.
Advisory services in connection with sourcing of equipment and steel production in Russia and Ukraine.
7. Logistic Services for Shipyards
is currently exploring the market for providing full integrated equipment supply chain management for ship owners and shipyards involved in new building projects. News will follow as soon as final arrangements are settled.
8. Project Services

Our Clients utilize our skilled engineers for specially defined projects as required. Currently we are involved in modelling ships for input to stability programså-nett.