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Workflow Planning and Assembly Technology Adaptation for:
  • Workshop/Fabrication Documentation
  • Hull
  • Pipping
  • Outfitting
  • Nest Cutting Programs

1. Workshop/Fabrication Documentation 

POSS Torola Ltd. company specializes in:

  • Ship Arrangements (mooring and towage, propulsion and rudder etc.)
  • Room Furnishing (installation of scuttles, covers, doors, ladders etc.)
  • Hatch Covers;
  • System Piping etc.
2. Hull
Hull Building Documentation includes a complete set of documents required for all kinds of hull building works. The information content in the drawings excludes loft and other technologic development. The documentation is released in electronic form and will include:
  • Rectified three-dimensional model of hull outlines and traditional graphics: hull plan, sheer plan, half-breadth plan;
  • Table Offsets of section frames;
  • An "X-Y" Table of slots;
  • Sections and Blocks Layout;
  • Sections Assembly Drawings with data on marking and setting of framing, dimensions for constructions geometry control;
  • Out-lines of Sheet Articles determined for machine cutting with scale 1:1 and marking information;
  • Route Layout for sections and bars determined for guillotine cutting;
  • Developed Views of outplating sheets and template drawings for their bending;
  • Cutting Layout with passports including data concerning cutting length and dead transition;
  • Control Programs of cutting plates on flame cutting digital control machines of different modifications;
  • Plates Cutting Cards form;
  • Waste Form;
  • Assembly Attachments Documentation (drawings of curved bed, coke for rake mounting);
Simultaneously with release of building documentation labour input calculation for building of sections and hull assembling is carried out. We also determine the required amount of welding materials and power carriers. As a tool for hull building documentation release integrable systems SAPS and other 3D Design Systems are used which allow to receive a wide range of graphic and text documents. The systems are operated in a PC local net. That allows to organize the execution of work optimally by a large group of users and to exclude doubling and to increase the reliability of database information support. Systems enable the performance of information in DXF format, and SAPS additionally supports SAT format so the compatibility with the known CAD/CAM systems is provided. The SAPS system was put into service more than 20 years ago and was checked on almost all yards of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Baltic countries.
3. Piping
Our specialists are able to prepare documentation for pipe-work fabrication, air sounding system, utility sea water system, freshwater system, fire system, flushing system, drain system, lubrication system, etc. We work according to the newest requirements for the design, materials, fabrication, and installation of piping systems.
POSS Torola Ltd. works out the detailed design documentation using efficient documentation which was previously developed for the various ship piping system.
4. Outfitting
POSS Torola Ltd.
creates and completes outfitting workshop documentation such as railings, ladders, hand ropes, bollards, fender guards, etc. We also design vertical and inclined ladders, furring, hatch covers, ventilation and air conditioning systems for machine room and grounding gear, steering engine, masts and flag staff, rudder propeller unit, thrusters and so on.
5. Nest Cutting Programs

Our engineers develop nest cutting programs using advanced software to calculate the best yielding of materials with minimum cost in processes of cutting for materials.
Such programs will save your money or material costs and will improve the productivity of cutting processes.