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POSS Ltd. is a Norwegian/Ukrainian company working within the international shipbuilding industry. The company has its main office in Nikolaev, Ukraine. POSS Ltd. was established in 2001 and is owned and operated by highly skilled and experienced Norwegian and Ukrainian engineers. Today the company numbers 50 professional employees.

Our aim is to build a group of companies that can offer a complete set of services for ship owners and shipyards dealing with ship repair, conversions and new buildings.

Our engineering services are organized through our subsidiary POSS Torola Ltd. This company expierenced with initial and detail design for ship newbuilding projects, modernizations projects including hull, hull outfitting and piping. Also POSS Torola Ltd. has expirience with basic design and developing workshop documentation for offshore constructions. The company participates to ”multi-companies” projects. POSS Torola Ltd. works with steel and aluminum construcitons for differnt kind of vessels and constructions. POSS Ltd. is also engaged as advisors for Clients worldwide in connection with shipyard development projects.

Our offices facilitate all modern equipment for efficient work, and are often used by foreigners visiting Ukraine for presentations and meetings in which we also provide full interpretation services. Meeting room is available for 10-15 persons.

Our Clients are located in Ukraine, Norway, India, Vietnam, Romania, Latvia, India, Turkey, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

The Services Offered are the Following:
Ship Broking and Project Sales
Inspection Services
Technical Support
Agent Services
Logistic Services for Shipyards
Project Services
Workflow Planning and Assembly Technology Adaptation
Workshop/Fabrication Documentation